Boys Compulsory Team

There are four separate levels of gymnasts in the boy's USAG compulsory program, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7.

Level 4

Level 4, being the first level in the USAG competitive boy's program, is the easiest of the three. The routines concentrate on the basic elements of men's gymnastics on each of the six competitive events.

Level 5
The Level 5 routines are more difficult than Level 4 and focus on more basic but transitional skills, preparing the gymnast for competing as a Level 6.
Level 6
Level 6 is the 'middle ground' of the compulsory classes. Level 6 gymnasts are expected to have the basic skills completed and transitional skills under development. Their routines reflect this in their intricacy and difficulty.
Level 7
Level 7 is a modified compulsory class that incorporates some aspects of the optional program into it's required skills and sequences. This ensures that the transition from the compulsory to optional team is a smooth one.